Amr Mourad

Software Engineer

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Overall nice guy 10/10 👍

I'm a Software Engineer currently into artificial intelligence and information security. I'm fortunate to have had some amazing and very diverse professional experiences. I'm also into a bunch of other things. In my spare time I code, watch/play sports, and I love learning about.. anything really 😄.

My Work Experience


Fifth internship: Working on the DevOps team to automate processes.


Fourth internship: Working on an open-source project with some incredibly bright teammates!


Third internship: Fast-paced project (weekly sprints), team formed on the spot, so much learning!


Second internship: Working on technologies used for flights to the ISS, met an astronaut!


First internship: 3D Cognitive Training software, lots of responsibilities, great mentors!

Some of my projects


Luna AI is a bot that helps people navigate through the asylum claiming process in Canada. The project has been featured in numerous news articles and even a television interview!

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mTaxi is a ride-hailing native Android app that allows riders to maintain contact with their favorite trusted drivers.

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Pixondo Scheduler

Pixondo Scheduler is a web application allowing students to generate and view possible university schedule configurations based on their preferences.

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Describe This

Cross-platform Mobile App that describes user images using Computer Vision & voice feedback.

Demo coming soon..

Bonzee AI

Bonzee AI is my first AI application. It simulates a two-player board game with alpha-beta pruning and iterative deepening using no external libraries.

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